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Søren Boll
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Do you have experience with AGV’s, conveyors or automated warehouses? Do you want to build the logistics processes for all ROCKWOOL’s factory sites globally?
Rockwool are redefining the way they handle material flow and reducing the manning needs of moving and storing semi-finished and finished products internally. Rockwool’s goal is to optimize and automate the logistics solutions as part of an ambition to digitalize their factories.

This is Rockwool

At Rockwool’s HQ in Hedehusene, you will become part of Group Technology counting more than 200 skilled colleagues delivering the production equipment used by Rockwool’s factories globally. Here, you will join the Cold End, Systems and Internal logistic engineering team (GTC) of approximately 40 engineers and collaborate across functions, teams and national borders.
As the logistics area is a new function, you can expect a high degree of responsibility and influence – and more new colleagues to come.

This is the role

As mechanical project engineer in GTC you will be a key player in many phases of a project, from concept study through specification and design to test and commissioning.
You will be part of projects and activities which needs to be supported by a solid technical knowledge. Your technical experience will be relevant in deciding on the solutions and in driving the activities.
Your assignments can vary from automated warehouses, AGV’s, conveyor deliveries and engineering support to participation in large logistical factory projects on a global scale – mainly in Europe, Asia and North America.
You will play a key role in logistic projects securing that semi-finished and finished products are handled efficiently.

Your key tasks:

As Rockwool’s new mechanical project engineer, you will be responsible for delivering key equipment/solutions used in stone wool manufacturing. Becoming the expert on and key provider of mechanical solutions, you will work on projects varying in both size and scope.
Throughout a varied workday, you will be in many phases of the projects, defining the layout, requirement specifications and tender material as well as following up on the functional or turn key suppliers to ensure we build exactly the solution it takes to handle the material flow through the factories – ending on board a truck. The job role also contains supervision and commissioning onsite, which gives the perfect exposure to the sweet taste of success.
• Create equipment specification based on flows and process setups
• Communicate with suppliers and follow up to secure compliance with specific design needs
• Participate in budgeting and the development of tender material for suppliers
• Follow up on installation and commissioning
• Ensure the solutions are properly documented.
• You will work in a cross-functional project team where there is a shared common goal of delivering fit for purpose solutions and cutting-edge technology.
You should expect to travel app 50 days per year visiting suppliers and our factory sites primarily within Europe and North America.

This is what you offer

With your collaborative nature, you are able to work efficiently with partners and colleagues across professional divisions and geographical borders. At the same time, you possess great communicative skills and the ability to make decisions on your own, thus being able to drive projects forward both independently and through others.
You always strive to reach the highest standards of quality and are highly organised in your tasks, enabling you to deliver on time.
Moreover, you:
• Have the theoretical foundation and solid relevant experience (minimum 5 years) from a similar position.
• You are knowledgeable about the supplier landscape for warehouse solutions and machines for internal transport.
• Have a B.Sc. or a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering or similar
• Possess a profound understanding of visualisation tools
• Speak and write English fluently

This is what Rockwool can offer

GTC have many skilled and engaged engineers in the department, but Internal logistics is a new area and you will be among the pioneers in this field. Therefore, you will have a significant influence on the solutions we will choose and the choice of suppliers we will join up with. This job will give you a perfect chance to step up and develop yourself professionally as well as personally because you can anticipate a lot of responsibility in this position combined with a high degree of independence and freedom to solve your tasks as you see fit.


Rockwool is hiring for this vacant position in collaboration with Randstad. If you want to know more, please contact senior consultant Søren Boll via or by phone +45 33 37 90 09
Please submit your application and CV in English in the same field in our recruitment system via the below link