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Mathias Ostenfeldt Madsen
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Do you love interactive UIs, stateful web applications, and micro-frontends? Do you like shipping the highest quality products? Templafy is ramping up their engineering team and want to hear from you!

About the position

Templafy is searching for a passionate Senior Frontend Engineer who can help lift their highly skilled engineering team. You will be a central part of the development of Templafy's product and have a say in choosing technologies, tools, and architecture of new product features.
The front-end is built using React with Hooks and its ecosystem. You will be using tools like SCSS, CSS Modules to design cool and modern user interfaces, Templafy follows Flux principles and uses Redux with Thunks for more advanced state management and clean code with ESLint. The team is also playing with micro-frontends and lazy-loaded UIs using the new React Lazy and Suspense APIs.
The development team works with their own component library built in collaboration with the design team, which is used by all Templafy's systems to ensure a unified design language across products. Figma is used for mock-ups and Storybook to quickly document it.
The engineering teams takes pride in creating a quality product. To ensure that happens, Jest for unit tests and Cypress for end-to-end tests are used across all Templafy's applications.

How the Templafy teams work

• Teams: Each team consists of 4-6 engineers. Teams are cross-functional, self-organised and free to choose their own process, but most use a flavour of Scrum with a 2-week sprint. Templafy believes in the lean principles – e.g. short feedback cycles, minimizing handovers, and therefore each team has full responsibility for the features they own, from development to deployment.
• Guilds: Guilds are a place to share knowledge and experiences, and to get help and ideas from others. Templafy currently has a DevOps, Cloud, Back-end, Front-end, Security, QA, and Tracking guild.
• Architecture: Software is built using a flavour of microservices called self-contained systems, and Templafy practices the principles of Domain Driven Design with Event Driven Architecture – yet still being careful to avoid over-engineering and always striving for the simplest solution possible.
• Test focused: The teams like to test the code they build, and thus have a continuous integration infrastructure in place that runs Templafy's tests on every push and notifies the team on Slack if something breaks. Even when busy, there is no compromise on quality.
• DevOps mindset: A cloud-first focus, with everything hosted in Microsoft Azure. Each team is responsible for deployments and monitoring of their own services. All work is managed through Azure DevOps including backlog management, source control, pull-requests, releases, and testing.
• Automation: Everything is automated from deployment to setting up new infrastructure. Custom tools have been built for configuring local development environment, publishing release notes to Wiki and Slack, nudging engineers about stale tasks, branches, and pull-requests, and more. When NPM or NuGet packages are updated, a bot automatically creates a pull-request. All this enables more than 30 daily releases to production on average!
• Design: You will work with written coding standards, and follow clean code principles. Most features are developed using pair programming. Every change is peer-reviewed. There are tools for automatic code clean-up that ensure consistent formatting and structured and fail builds if any rule is violated.
• Flexible: The teams are distributed across offices in Copenhagen, Berlin and Eindhoven. Yet, all meetings and work happen online. This gives you the freedom to work from home when you have a repair person coming, your child is sick, etc., and also enabled us to initiate the necessary measures within a minimal amount of time when COVID-19 hit the world.

Technologies Templafy uses

• Front-end: TypeScript, React, Redux, Redux-Thunk, SCSS, CSS Modules, Jest, Cypress, Yarn, Rollup, Create-React-App, WPF, etc.
• Backend: .NET, .NET Core 3.1, C# 8.0, Templafyb API, Entity Framework, VSTO, etc.
•Tools: Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise, ReSharper, Visual Studio Code, JetBrains Rider, Slack, Zoom, Git, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Azure, Docker Desktop, WSL2, SonarQube, Cypress, etc.
• Hosting: 100% Azure, Docker, Kubernetes (AKS), Web Apps, Terraform, Azure SQL, Azure Service Bus, Application Insights, Azure Monitor, Azure Data Lake, etc.
• What you bring in: There is an openness to new technologies, and guilds are discussing new technology on a regular basis, making sure to keep tools and tech stack current.

About you

Templafy is looking for colleagues that can help develop front-end architecture and know how to design modern, high-quality, and performant front-end applications.
You have broad experience with developing and maintaining large JavaScript/TypeScript applications built on modern frameworks like React and their ecosystem, as well as ensuring their quality using all levels of automated tests. You have also worked with modern CSS technologies like CSS pre-processors and have experience designing sleek responsive UIs. You know best practices and how to apply them in order to build intuitive, accessible, performant, and secure web applications.
You will work in a cross-functional team and be part of the Frontend Guild, so you will also have the option to work with .NET, QA, Cloud, DevOps, etc. if you like.


• Work closely with a department of more than 60 talented engineers and the rest of Templafy's business, all of whom are passionate about helping to create international success
• Work with new technology and agile development processes
• Work on a product that is an essential part of a million users’ daily workflow
• Competitive salary packaging and pension.
• Family-friendly environment and office hours
• Yearly conference budget for each engineer
• Annual company event, a Friday bar on the first Friday of every month
All in all, at Templafy you will get a combination of stable working conditions, great colleagues, and genuine entrepreneurship in an equal opportunity workplace.

About Templafy

Templafy is pioneering the content enablement category and defining the future of work by helping companies worldwide accelerate the business performance of content. Templafy's platform allows companies to align workforces and effortlessly govern content while supporting teams and employees as they create on-brand, high-performing business content – like documents, presentations, and emails, faster. Templafy supports over 2.8M users and enables over 600 enterprise customers such as KPMG, IKEA, and BDO. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2014, Templafy's success is built by Templafy's 60+ employee nationalities found at offices in New York, Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Eindhoven, and Sydney.

Apply now

Apply for the position by clicking "apply now". We review the applications received and conduct interviews on an ongoing basis. Randstad is responsible for the recruitment process on behalf of Templafy A/S. We will process your application confidentially, and it will only be shared with your prior consent. If you have any further questions about the position, feel free to contact Senior Consutant Mathias Madsen on +45 2332 4290 or Consultant Eva Haugaard Pedersen on +45 9292 1848.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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