find a job as an IT supporter.

Skilled IT professionals are not hard to come by, and if you're looking for a job as an IT supporter and have the right qualifications, you'll be a sought-after employee in many places. Computers are indispensable in the vast majority of workplaces, and so is a skilled IT supporter. If you're looking for IT support jobs, we can help.

We have a large network of employers looking for skilled workers. We often know of positions that are not being advertised. As an IT supporter, it can therefore be a good idea to create your CV with us. That way, we can contact you when we know of a job that is right for you.

are you looking for a job in IT security?

IT security is becoming more and more important, as reflected by the number of job vacancies in this field. Whether you're already working in IT security and looking for a new job, or you're new to the industry, we can help.

We are experts in matching companies and employees, and we can certainly help you in your search for a job in IT security. We always have our finger on the pulse, so we know what's going on. Often, we also know of unadvertised IT security jobs. You are always welcome to contact us. We can discuss your requirements for a job in IT security.

IT jobs across the country.

Our offices are located all over the country. That's why we can help you find jobs as an IT supporter, system administrator or in IT security no matter where you are in Denmark.

We are always looking for skilled system administrators and other IT profiles to join our network. Often, vacancies are filled directly from our database. If you are a system administrator, IT supporter or work with IT security, we would therefore encourage you to create your CV with us so that we can contact you with relevant vacant IT positions.

Of course, you are more than welcome to keep an eye on our jobs page. Search for system administrator, IT security or IT supporter and the relevant vacancies will appear. You can also filter by geography, so you'll only be presented with jobs in the areas you're looking for.