specialists in the recruitment of engineers.

Engineers and technicians are in high demand. We have more than 60 years of experience in specialised recruitment. You get the best of both worlds with our specialised knowledge combined with modern technology.

With Randstad as your HR partner, you get specialists who only recruit engineers and technicians. They know where they are and who can be moved. At the same time, we match their personality with your company culture, so you hire the right engineer or technician the first time around.

We thoroughly familiarise ourselves with your needs when we help you with your engineering recruitment. You will be assigned a permanent recruitment consultant from start to finish, who you can discuss your needs and opportunities with on an ongoing basis. Do you want us to help you?

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we find the engineer in the technical haystack.

Our years of experience will benefit you from day 1. When you know how to search for, select and interview the best candidates, you increase your chances of success.

Finding the right employee requires the right knowledge and technique. With a combination of specialised knowledge and technology, our recruitment consultants find the proverbial needle in the haystack. 

We know your world. That's because our consultants work in areas where they are specialised. They find the people that no one else can find. In other words, you don't have to make a job advert with "Engineer wanted" and hope for the best. You'll always get that with us.

At Randstad, it's the human element that makes the difference. You get people you can trust and technology you can rely on. When you need help recruiting engineers, we put our greatest asset to work straight away - our people.

get a temporary worker for urgent tasks.

We're not just a recruitment agency. We can also help you find a temporary engineer who knows your industry. In our database of over 40,000 temporary workers, you can find an engineer and technician who has the skills to fulfil the tasks you need.

The need for more hands can arise suddenly. That's why you can find a new colleague with relevant core competences among our temporary workers - also in case of acute needs. You can have an engineer as a temp for a day or a whole year. It's entirely up to you and your needs.

A temporary worker can be a great supplement while you're looking for the right person for your organisation. Just as we help match engineers and companies in our recruitment, we also help you find a temp with the right profile.