We are happy to bid on relevant tenders in the HR and recruitment sector. Our services include recruitment, talent acquisition, temporary staffing, management consulting, outsourcing, and outplacement.

Our expertise spans a wide range of industries, and we are always on the lookout for new exciting collaboration opportunities where our experienced team of recruitment specialists and consultants can contribute and assist companies find the right solution.

Our global presence allows us to offer your organisation both a local and comprehensive agreement across borders. which, in addition to significant savings for you, provides a streamlined and value-adding solution with better procurement benefits, reporting and data sharing. For us, it's all about creating value, efficient processes and ensuring that every penny you invest in our solutions maximises your return on investment.

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At Randstad, we have more than 60 years of experience in recruitment. We use a quality-assured recruitment process and we know what it takes to create the perfect match between candidate and organisation.

Our recruitment consultants work in fields where they themselves are specialists. They have professional experience in the areas they recruit for, allowing them to utilize their specialized knowledge to assess your recruitment needs and identify the right skills for your company.

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A successful recruitment is not just about adding a new employee. It's also about bringing the right skills, experiences, and ideas to your company that can contribute to its development. It's about finding an employee who not only fits the job but also aligns with the culture and values of the company.

Therefore, the recruitment process at Randstad is based on a 360-degree analysis, where we map out your company, its management style, and the job profile. This way, we can identify candidates who will bring the most value to your organization.

Our global presence allows us to offer your company both a local and comprehensive recruitment agreement across borders. With our international recruitment experience, sharp concepts, and well-thought-out processes, we know what works in each field, and we are happy to participate in both larger and smaller recruitment tenders.

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staffing solutions og inhouse services

At Randstad, we have more than 60 years of experience in flexible and temporary workforce solutions. We provide temporary staff to some of Denmark's largest companies, and our in-house consultants are physically present at several companies as part of our in-house services.

With our temporary staffing solutions, we aim not only to provide you with greater flexibility but also to save you money and increase your productivity.

At X, we have experience and expertise in a wide range of areas and industries, including:

  • warehouse and production
  • office and administration
  • construction and infrastructure
  • finance and economics
  • sales and marketing
  • engineering and technology
  • IT
  • HR and management

Our consultants are experts in their respective fields, working closely with you to gain insight into your business and understand your needs.


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Randstad RiseSmart is one of the world's largest providers of outplacement services.

With Randstad RiseSmart, Randstad offers outplacement programs as well as management counseling, combining the best of both worlds. As the only player in the market, we offer a unique blend of personalized guidance along with online access to our global learning and development platform. This way, we leverage the advantages of both human interaction and technological capabilities in our interaction with each individual candidate.

Our technology - available in multiple languages - complements human interaction during both outplacement and career coaching, simplifying the process and providing 24/7 access to relevant content. This means your employees get a consistent, high-quality experience anytime, anywhere in the world.

When you choose Randstad Risesmart as your outplacement partner, your employees are offered a total of three professional specialists: a coach, a copywriter, and a job researcher. They will assist the candidate from the exit process to clarification and a new beginning

In addition, the candidate gains access to our unique learning platform, where they can seek online assistance, complete exercises, and receive insights and advice on everything from job search to career development.

We would be delighted to present the solutions in X for you and your company, and our global presence allows us to offer both local and global agreements.

We provide tailored outplacement programs for both individuals and groups. Let us work together to find the best solution for your employees.

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freelance consultants

Both the demand for labor and the scope of tasks have changed significantly in recent years. The labor market is evolving, and the gig economy is gaining increasing influence, both in Denmark and globally.

At Randstad, we facilitate connections between companies and specialists, particularly in IT, finance, and engineering. We establish the link to the specialized consultant you are looking for, and within 48 hours, we present the first candidates to you. Randstad owns Twago, Europe's largest database for freelancers, and we have expertise in finding the right freelancers for your project—both locally and globally.

With Randstad Digital, we support your company in four specialized areas: cloud & infrastructure, customer experience, data & analytics, and digital & product engineering, ensuring you get the most out of your digital transformation. Randstad is the world's largest HR provider, but we are also an international IT consulting firm with over 6000+ IT specialists in Europe. We are ready to participate in tenders throughout your company's digital journey, offering outsourcing options as well.

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lars kjærulf

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If you would like more information about our solutions and tender process, please contact Lars, who is responsible for tenders at Randstad Denmark.