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we have several areas of expertise.

At Randstad, it is no coincidence that we have some of the country's largest companies in our database. Over the past 60 years, our mission has been to be the best in the industry and create a safe environment for our customers and their employees with a view to having an even better global workplace.

When we find a project consultant for your particular project, you can be absolutely sure that our experience and specialist areas pave the way for a good match. Regardless of whether it concerns project-employed consultants, a specific freelancer or interim employment, your consultant at Randstad will ensure that the right match for your particular company will both create added value and add something positive to your workplace, which in the end is both beneficial for your company's finances and culture.

the right resources - in 48 hours.

book your freelance consultant via Randstad.

We find the specialist consultant you are looking for, and within 48 hours we present the first candidates to you. Randstad owns Europe's largest freelancer database, Twago, and we are experts in identifying the right freelancers for your project - both locally and globally. Practically speaking, Randstad gives you exactly the right resources and the best possible solution for exactly your individual needs in just 48 hours. We are with you all the way from receiving the task to the onboarding of your new freelance specialist.

possibility of permanent employment.

At Randstad, we also have the option of contracting your freelance consultants on either an hourly or monthly basis. We take care of everything and ensure i.a. the right employment, contract and tax conditions, so that your company is compliant with applicable rules and legislation. Randstad is a member of Dansk Erhverv and Dansk Industri. Furthermore, Randstad also offers an opportunity to employ your freelance consultant permanently, if the chemistry is also top notch. This option not only saves money, but also ensures great know-how and not least provides a good opportunity to get external resources to play along with your particular freelance strategy.

we cover the entire country throughout the project's timeframe.

If you need a project-employed consultant, interim manager or other freelancer, Randstad will help, regardless of where in the country your company is. We find exactly the project employee you need for your project, regardless of how long you need an appointment.

If you are looking for a freelancer for a consulting job, maybe you are already one step ahead?

The consulting tasks of the future can very well be solved by a freelance consultant rather than a permanent employee. Both the demand for labor and the scope of work tasks have changed significantly in recent years. On the part of the companies, there is a great focus on performing as optimally as possible in all work areas, whereby external specialists come into the picture. Words such as "agile" and "gig economy" have taken on a comprehensive meaning for the entire structure of building a modern company.

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interim, temp or just temporary?

Interim is the Latin term for temporary or provisional, and thus interim management can be translated into temporary management. With an interim appointment, you can associate strong, experienced and, not least, specialized managers on temporary agreements. An interim manager can be employed for both planned projects and also urgent tasks.

passionate about your specific problem.

Since an interim manager is a specialized appointment, you can be absolutely sure that your new temporary appointment is passionate about the task you have set. When you associate a freelancer, it is both a matter of hiring a new employee for a limited period of time, but also a real purchase of a freelancer's unique abilities to solve your particular problem.