specialised temporary workers and recruitment in marketing.

A marketing department shouldn't just make glossy brochures. It needs to generate leads. And that requires people who know what they're doing.

Are you looking for sales and marketing brains? Then you've come to the right place. Our recruitment consultants specialise in finding marketing specialists. They do nothing else but look for marketing profiles and the next talent. Get help recruiting your next marketing talent.

Your company is special. That's why your HR partner should be too. We can help you recruit and find the ideal temporary worker for you. It takes specialised knowledge and experience to find the right candidate who fits both professionally and socially.

We don't just find new employees. We find new employees and temporary workers that fit your marketing department and business. For example, we find temporary marketing staff in our database of more than 40,000 temporary workers.

get help with all tasks.

You can always count on us, whether you need help with peak workloads, temporary projects, maternity leave or illness. When you need extra hands and help with marketing, we find temporary workers who have the skills to fulfil the tasks you need help with. Book a marketing temp today.

Security is important. We are authorised by the Danish Association of Temporary Employment Agencies, so you can feel safe as an employer. We always keep our legal and information records in order, and your new temp is obliged to treat all information about the company confidentially.

If you have an urgent need for a marketing temp, we recommend that you call your local office. We cover all regions and we can often find a temp in less than 24 hours who has the core competences to help you and your business.

let's find the right match.

Time is often a crucial factor, whether you're looking for a new employee or a temporary worker. That's why we use all our knowledge and expertise to find the right match for you. We make a living by finding specialists in areas such as PR, marketing and communication.

Hiring the wrong person is expensive. You can avoid that with us. All candidates are analysed against 21 criteria. We do this to make sure they match both the job and the company. In other words, we find the proverbial needle in the stack of specialists and gurus.

We look you in the eye, listen to you and your needs, and find the workers and temps you need. We do this by embracing digital opportunities and combining specialised knowledge with the latest technology. With us, there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.