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what is successful recruitment?

Recruitment is about attracting and selecting employees. Finding the right employee for your business is extremely important for your entire organisation, and a recruitment mistake can have major consequences. At Randstad, we can help you find the right match for your organisation. Both in terms of competences, personality and culture.

As a recruitment agency, we at Randstad have many years of experience in recruiting employees for both permanent and temporary positions. We know what it takes to create the perfect match. Every time! Our global recruitment experience, razor-sharp concepts and elaborate processes mean we know what works in which field.

Successful recruitment doesn't just mean a new employee. It also means you get the skills, experience and ideas to help your business grow. Our well-developed and quality-assured recruitment process allows us to find the candidates that best match your needs and your company culture.

candidates must have a good experience.

A recruitment process at Randstad is based on a 360-degree analysis in which we map your company, its management style and the job profile. With this analysis as a starting point, we have the right conditions to find the candidates who are best suited to your organisation and your needs.

Our recruitment consultants themselves have extensive professional experience in the fields in which they recruit and are a valuable resource for mapping your recruitment needs and finding the right competences. An important part of the recruitment process is also taking good care of all applicants. We make sure that all applicants have a positive experience of the recruitment process and your company's brand.

internal and external recruitment.

The purpose of recruitment is to find the best candidate for the job. A distinction is typically made between internal and external recruitment.

Internal recruitment focuses on new opportunities for existing employees. In other words, it looks at how employees' competences can be brought into play in new work functions. It is about making the best possible use of the knowledge and competences already in the company, while internal recruitment focuses on the retention and development of current employees.

In this context, "talent mobility" is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular. Talent mobility

encompasses internal recruitment, retraining, upskilling and talent development. At Randstad, we offer counselling and management savings in connection with this. Please contact us for more information.

External recruitment is about attracting brand new employees. Here, search and screening of candidates is a large and important part of the process, and in many cases it can be an advantage to get help from a professional recruitment partner who takes care of all or part of the recruitment process.

recruitment - our process.

At Randstad, a typical recruitment process consists of the following elements:

clarification of competences job, boss, company fit analysis job advertising
long-list calibration
screening of candidates
interview at randstad
candidate presentations
interview at company
reference collection
2. interview at company
evaluation and follow-up

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